InFocus Capital Partners serves a large unmet need

InFocus Capital Partners serves a large unmet need

Welcome from Robert Goldman, Founder and President of InFocus Capital Partners.

I’m a seasoned business person with many years of successful Wall Street experience – in capital markets, as an executive and analyst, and in banking. I’ve been highly ranked in all the institutional research polls, and have served as a Director of Research and Head of Institutional Sales and Trading for major internationl banks.  You can view my bio here.

I very much enjoy and I’ve received many awards for transforming difficult to understand stories into easily understood stories, and increasing the visibility of high quality private and public companies amongst high quality institutional investors and corporations. That’s what we do at InFocus Capital PartnersSM.  We get you understood; we get you seen; and, we keep you InFocus,

We are engaged by companies seeking our services as well as third parties seeking our services on behalf of companies of interest.

We provide clarity and visibility for private and public companies by writing institutional quality research reports and updates and we get these reports and updates in front of a large relevant audience. That’s what I did as an analyst when I was highly ranked in all the analyst polls (including Institutional Investor) in diverse industries, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, Latin America conglomerates, and Latin America oil and gas. And, that’s what I taught others when I was a Director of Research and Head of Equities for major international banks.

And beyond the reports and updates, I and my team consult with you and your investor relations team to keep you InFocus.

Needless to say, the sell-side public equity research business has changed dramatically since I started in 1987 – thanks to some bad industry actors and subsequent regulation. Analysts at investment banks have lost much credibility, their pay has shrunk, and analysts are paid to hustle around companies and so-called experts in-front of investors (at meetings the analyst is often excluded from). Not surprisingly, sell-side public equity research budgets have been slashed and the number of companies under coverage has fallen. A small public company will find it very tough to attract equity research coverage from an investment bank unless the company promises banking fees to the analyst’s associated investment bank. Why would a company want such research coverage and why would investors pay attention to such research? In my view, the biases relative to Wall Street research have not changed at all – it’s just that analysts are paid less for it.

The greater investment action has been with private companies, but information on such companies is difficult to come by. The lack of information is fine if you’re a highly sophisticated prospective investor with the time to fully analyze the company from the ground up.  After all, the scarcity of information reduces investor competition and lowers valuations – which is good news for sophisticated prospective investors with a lot of time; bad news for the company raising money and its current investors.  I believe there will be great demand for research on private companies as a way to swing the power pendulum back towards the companies raising the money.

InFocus Capital PartnersSM reports and updates are well laid out, informative, substantive, and factual and are designed to properly lay out your story to high quality institutional investors and corporations. We include no stock ratings, valuation, or financial forecasts in our reports. High quality institutional investors and corporations are quite capable and prefer to develop valuations, financial forecasts, and stock ratings on their own. I believe including valuations, financial forecasts, and stock ratings in research reports only serves to increase skepticism about what was written – that’s why I’ve taken these out of our reports.

But, what good is telling a good story if no one listens? Well, investors listen to us. I and my leadership team have earned excellent reputations over many decades. We’ve earned the trust of investors and corporations. We have over 6,000 contacts of our own, but we take full advantage of the electronic media and report aggregators to additionally get our reports out to over 100,000 institutional investors and corporations. I believe it’s safe to say that the visibility aids valuations, liquidity, corporate development, new hire activity, and employee morale.

And beyond the reports and updates, I and my team consult with you and your investor relations team to keep you InFocus. We work on non-deal road shows, investor conferences, quarterly earnings calls, special event forums, competitor and market insights, and valuation analysis.

I’ve worked with my leadership team over three decades. We’ve been colleagues, subordinates, and managers of each other at different times – but always friends. They also have great pedigrees which you can view here.  There is a larger team behind the scenes, but you will interface primarily (sometimes exclusively) with me and my senior team. Our main office is in Princeton, NJ, but one member of the leadeship team is based half-time in Hong Kong and one member full time in Paris. We’ve got the continents covered and travel often, but the internet, cloud, and Skype allow us to do our work and stay in contact with our clients and each other efficiently.

I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might work together. If you seriously want to develop relationships with the world’s most sophisticated investors and corporations, please contact me.

Let’s get you understood. Let’s get you seen. Let’s get you InFocus.


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