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MiFID II will shrink already shrunk sell-side budgets; InFocus Capital Partners can help

InFocus Capital Partners, LLC is well positioned to help high quality private and public companies Be Understood, Be Seen, and Stay in Focus.  In an environment of shrinking sell-side budgets and high quality companies falling between the recognition cracks, we can help. Sell-side research budgets are shrinking Thanks to bad actors in the investment arena, regulatory changes, and changing business models, resources devoted to sell-side equity research have been shrinking.  According to a study by Frost Consulting and Bloomberg (cited by [...]

InFocus Capital Partners serves a large unmet need

Welcome from Robert Goldman, Founder and President of InFocus Capital Partners. I’m a seasoned business person with many years of successful Wall Street experience – in capital markets, as an executive and analyst, and in banking. I’ve been highly ranked in all the institutional research polls, and have served as a Director of Research and Head of Institutional Sales and Trading for major internationl banks.  You can view my bio here. I very much enjoy and I’ve received many awards for [...]