Susan Galiounghi

Susan Galiounghi

Managing Director

Long tenured institutional sales person with major international banks. Based in Paris.


  • Years in capital markets and banking – 25
  • Industry/sector expertise – All
  • Geographic experience – U.S., Europe
  • Firms – Credit Agricole (Credit Lyonnais) Societe Generale (Credit du Nord), Sawtooth Investment Management
  • Positions – European Head of U.S Equity Sales, Institutional Sales Representative
  • Education – MBA (Schiller, Paris), BS California State University

Susan Galiounghi is a dual citizen of the U.S. and France, fluent in both French and English, and resides in Paris. She has about 25 years of capital markets and asset management experience. On the sell side, she most recently established the European sales office for the U.S. equity research of Credit Agricole (Credit Lyonnais) where she introduced U.S. companies to European investors. On the buy-side, Susan most recently was a partner at Sarisan Capital which raised institutional money in the U.S. and Europe for alternative asset managers and prior to that she was responsible for marketing the U.S.-based Mcomber Energy Fund to institutional investors in Europe.