InFocus looking to expand our team

InFocus looking to expand our team

InFocus Capital Partners, LLC is well positioned to help high quality private and public companies Be Understood, Be Seen, and Stay in Focus.  We believe visibility aids institutional investor and corporate relationships, valuations, liquidity, corporate development, new hire activity, and employee morale.  If your company, private or public, would benefit from increased recognition amongst high quality institutional investors and corporations contact us – we can help. 

It’s been a busy two months since launching InFocus Capital Partners, LLC and we are thankful and humbled by the positive response we’ve received from corporations, investors, and colleagues.

We now have in place, a significant infrastructure to …;

  • Write detailed factual reports and updates on private and public companies, heavy on the beef with no extraneous fluff. We provide NO ratings, financial forecasts, valuations, or price targets – metrics not valued by investors or corporations and which always result in conflict, bias, and confrontation.
  • Get these reports instantly in front of 500,000+ corporations and investors, given our contracts with report distributors such as Thomson Reuters, FactSet,, and others, our utilization of PR Newswire to reach over 4,400 media outlets, and our own proprietary database of 3,000+ relationships.
  • Partner with (not replace) our client companies’ IR and finance teams to work on all IR and finance-related activities, such as investor conferences and calls, non-deal road shows, and valuation and comparable company analyses.
  • Maintain our own visibility through, LinkedIn, and an effective email marketing platform.
  • Do all of the above within a proper legal/compliance framework.

Thanks to our rather fast start, InFocus Capital Partners, LLC is now looking for a small number of candidates to potentially join our team.  We seek people who will be energized by;

  • Writing substantive reports and updates – best suited for those with a sell-side analyst background.
  • Investor relations and financial consulting – best suited for those with a sell-side analyst, IR, and/or investment banking background.
  • New business development to maintain and build our client base – best suited for those with a sell-side analyst, corporate, investment banking, and/or IR background.

We seek accomplished pleasant people with an entrepreneurial bent.

If you’re interested, please email our Founder and President, Robert Goldman, at  The subject field of the email should say “(Your Name) Job Candidate” Your message should say what activity you’d be most energized by and anything else you’d like. Please attach your resume to the email.

We will review your candidacy in confidence and you’ll hear from us when we see a potential near-term fit. Don’t be put-off by the lack of an instant reply. We are a young and growing firm with a lot on our plate, so if you don’t hear from us now, you might later. We won’t contact you to say you’re not a fit, because, frankly you might be in the future. And, from our perspective, we’d rather wait for the absolute right fit than rush it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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