InFocus Capital Partners Announces A New Retained Client Engagement

InFocus Capital Partners Announces A New Retained Client Engagement

InFocus Capital Partners, LLC,, is an experienced, accomplished, award-winning team of analysts, venture capitalists, bankers, consultants, institutional sales professionals, and executives. We help optimize our clients’ relationships with their current and potential stakeholders by leveraging our experience, capabilities, credibility, and tools to serve as a trusted finance and investor relations advisor on retained engagements to high quality public and private companies of significance. For select clients, we write institutional-quality informational reports and distribute these reports directly to hundreds of thousands of institutional investors and corporations. 

InFocus Capital Partners is pleased and proud to announce a new retained client engagement. Our new client is a several hundred million dollar in sales private healthcare company, now owned by a marquis owner.

Robert Goldman, CFA, Founder and President of InFocus Capital Partners, says, “We are honored that our new client elected to retain us and we are proud of the positive momentum we’ve built at InFocus.  It’s not our intent to advertise every new signed client engagement for InFocus, but this retained engagement evidences how we work both with private as well as public companies on matters related to finance and investor relations.”

For this client, we will help the company optimize its financial models and we will be quizzing, probing, and challenging company management on these models to best prepare the management for its meetings with its current and prospective investors.  We will not be writing any report for public dissemination on this client.  For select other clients, though, we have the capabilities to write such reports and distribute these reports to 500,000+ corporations and institutional investors.

To our new client – we will work very hard every day to justify the trust you’ve placed in us. Thank you for your business.

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