Client Engagements

Some of our work for our current and recent retained clients include the following. We’ve elected not to share client names on this website, but we’re pleased that our clients will serve as references to our prospective new clients. 

  • For a publicly traded multinational multibillion healthcare company with excellent finance and investor relations departments, we modeled the company’s publicly available financials to provide management insights from an investor perspective.
  • For a large public company, we are helping to revise its corporate presentation to best convey the company’s historic progress, business model, and potential.
  • For a large publicly traded company, we review the company’s quarterly financial press releases and work with management to help them address anticipated investor questions.
  • For a large private healthcare company with several hundred million dollars of sales and a marquis owner, we’re helping the company optimize its financial models and we will be quizzing, probing, and challenging company management on these models to best prepare the management for its meetings with its current and prospective investors.
  • For a large public company, we provided a valuation and benchmarking analysis – comparing our client’s valuation along several metrics to an identified peer group and proposing potential rationale for any delta and follow-up study.

And for all our clients, we’re now …

  • Listening to peer group presentations and providing summarized insights to our clients.
  •  “On-call” to rapidly address client questions on finance strategy issues that come up – at whatever time of day they come up.
  • Serving as a trusted advisor with a sole objective to help our clients optimize their relationships with their current and potential stakeholders.